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"Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen." --Benjamin Disraeli

Carter grew up in Carmel, a suburb just north of Indianapolis. Like almost all kids growing up in America, his earliest musical memories came drifting through ...


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Americana/Roots | Country | World Music/Traditional


Garrett Baker

American Folk Turns Alt-Pop Rock with Songs For a Traveler

Songs for a Traveler, the new album from The Looking, turns American folk classics and old country songs such as like “Wayfaring Stranger,” “900 Miles,” “River in the Pines,” and “Blue River” into solid alt-pop rock. This third album from The Looking will be released on June 11, 2013, with a release show at The Rockwood on July 7th.

The Looking is a fluid musical collective fronted by New York City-based Todd Carter, whose voice has been described as “Roy Orbison meets Morrissey.” An operatically trained multi-instrumentalist, Carter was inspired by how well the romantic and mind-boggling themes and stories within these traditional songs so easily transition into the rock genre.

Carter produced Songs for a Traveler, selected and arranged each track and extensively road tested the songs, yet one of the album's undeniable delights is the keen interplay between the musicians. "The basic tracks were recorded live off the floor," Carter says. On 'Sail Around,' for example, the vocal is completely live. With the whole band jamming through the songs, the chemistry and alchemy of us playing together is what makes it work so well. Critics describe The Looking and Songs for a Traveler as  “eclectic and provocative” (South Dakota Chronicle) “intriguing and fascinating” (Collected Sounds) and “like nobody else you have heard before… majestic” (

 The Looking debuted Songs for a Traveler during a recent live performance at Symphony Space in New York with a band of musical luminaries whose collective credits include playing with everyone from Norah Jones and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra to Andrew Bird and DJ Logic. Carter’s own diverse credits include performing at Carnegie Hall, singing the role of Siegmund from Wagner's Valkyrie at CAMI Hall and playing New York's great rock clubs like Arlene's Grocery, Tonic, and The Slipper Room.  Recent shows at Symphony Space and Bowery Electric in NYC have been sold out.


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